Welcome to AboveSydney.net This page logs flight position information collected by my PiAware ADSB receiver located near Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD/YSSY) New South Wales, Australia.
More information on what ADSB is can be found at http://flightaware.com/adsb/

Sydney Airport is under curfew from 23:00 to 06:00

Flight records lists all flights picked up by my receiver. Clicking any record will open up a details sheet for that particular flight, as it was seen by my equipment. Owing to my location, almost almost all flights recorded are either taking off from or landing at Sydney Airport, with the occasional exception of flights passing over from New Zealand heading to SE Asia, or flights from the US heading down to Melbourne (MEL/YMML)

The signal type received is indicated by the icon in the MODE-S column of the Records page.

A means that aircraft was transmitting ADS-B messages in full, including position information.
M means that the aircraft was not transmitting its own position information, so the position was calculated using multi-lateration, or MLAT, a triangulation of the aircraft by several ADS-B receivers in the area. This can also also show aircraft that are deliberately withholding their postition information, such as private aircraft as well as military/emergency aircraft. Privacy issues mean I may have to filter these at some point.
S means that no position information is available because the aircraft was not transmitting its position, and no MLAT data is available.

Records are entered 30 minutes after the last transmission was picked up to ensure multiple records aren't entered if a signal temporarily drops out.

Can be used to search records for specific details, such as flights to or from a specific destination, by a particular operator, or by a specific callsign or registration, such as Qantas's "Retro Roo II" and "Retro Roo I"

The details page lists information recorded about a specific flight, such as route details, aircraft country of registration, general flight profile (takeoff/landing, ascent/descent) as well as maps detailing the full route of the flight, and the track log as seen by the receiver.

Virtual Radar Server is an excellent application developed by Andrew Whewell which displays all aircraft currently being received in realtime onto Gmaps. Selecting an aircraft in here will bring up futher details, including pictures of the aircraft itself as well as speed and live track.

Why would you do this instead of just going to FlightRadar24/FlightAware?
Sure, I could do that, but this is all my data. Everything here is from a piece of equipment built and/or configured by me. Sure, there's holes in it, but its all mine.