Flight Radar and Logger for SYD/YSSY

The first version of the receiver was built May 2015 on a single Raspberry Pi B+ with an externally powered DVB-T Digital TV USB Stick, and tiny cheap in-box antenna....it was a it of a mess but it worked.

First upgrade was moving to a Raspberry Pi 2, and replacing the tiny ineffective antenna that came with the USB stick, to a home-made roughly 6ft length of coax put together with hope and bad soldering.

The upgrade mostly worked, and increased receiving range substantially.

From there I purchased a dedicated 1090Mhz antenna which was mounted to the balcony, providing roughly 270° field of view over Sydney airport and out to the Tasman Sea/South Pacific Ocean, finally moving from the TV stick to a FlightAware Pro Stick + to complete the current setup.

With this final setup the range is greatly improved over previous setups, occasionally receiving aircraft far to the south, on the Melbourne to NZ flight paths.

Initial receiving and decoding is now done by a Raspberry Pi 3. Virtual Radar (running offsite via Mono offsite on a Debian 8.0 VPS located in a datacentre here in Sydney) connects to the Raspberry Pi to receive a list of aircraft details, before displaying their details and positions on Gmaps. This site then connects to Virtual Radar to build its database of flights and store them in MySQL. This site itself was built from basic sample code which provided basic functionality only. This sample code was written by Andrew Hill of http://flights.hillhome.org/ with code stored on GitHub.

Source remaining logos/biglogos in PNG.
Put METAR code somewhere.
Tidy inconsistent CSS, mostly on search.php & map.php

Doesnt work so well on mobile. Logos are way too big.
Find a logo solution for planes without proper Airline ICAO code. I'm looking at you, Royal Flying Doctor Service.
Handle/Filter ground vehicles better, rather than hiding them under the rug. (Shhhh....)
Fix broken/idiotic/spammy Twitter bot @AboveSydney

Implement HTTPS. Currently working, except on radar.php because VRS doesnt yet support HTTPS which breaks other pages.