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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
10189267C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST120 NAN to SYD2019-02-20T18:41:39
10182307C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST119 SYD to NAN2019-02-20T10:02:56
10178587C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST610 AVV to SYD2019-02-19T22:03:14
10176767C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST609 SYD to AVV2019-02-19T19:01:20
10175497C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST661 AYQ to SYD2019-02-19T17:22:36
10169987C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST660 SYD to AYQ2019-02-19T10:49:20
10168787C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST504 MEL to SYD2019-02-19T09:45:26
10162927C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST479 NTL to MEL2019-02-18T19:00:48
10161737C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST476 MEL to NTL2019-02-18T17:46:32
10158707C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST465 BNK to MEL2019-02-18T14:44:15
10156547C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST464 MEL to BNK2019-02-18T12:31:49
10135307C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST143 SYD to CHC2019-02-16T22:53:40
10133987C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST608 AVV to SYD2019-02-16T18:43:55
10131977C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST607 SYD to AVV2019-02-16T15:55:51
10130787C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST512 MEL to SYD2019-02-16T14:16:16
10127817C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST509 SYD to MEL2019-02-16T11:20:48
10126477C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST718 HBA to SYD2019-02-16T10:10:50
10123107C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST719 SYD to HBA2019-02-16T06:44:46
10122367C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST769 ADL to SYD2019-02-15T22:01:40
10118907C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST768 SYD to ADL2019-02-15T17:55:11
10117237C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST913 TSV to SYD2019-02-15T16:33:10
10111827C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST912 SYD to TSV2019-02-15T11:42:08
10110127C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST457 BNK to SYD2019-02-15T10:25:39
10107657C6B39ADS-BVH-VGR Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST456 SYD to BNK2019-02-15T07:51:59