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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
9260527C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST566 MEL to BNE2018-12-16T18:59:45
9251057C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST529 SYD to MEL2018-12-16T07:12:26
9250467C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST769 ADL to SYD2018-12-15T23:10:53
9248757C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST768 SYD to ADL2018-12-15T19:02:04
9247707C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST726 HBA to SYD2018-12-15T17:05:01
9244657C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST727 SYD to HBA2018-12-15T12:58:04
9243017C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST528 MEL to SYD2018-12-15T10:46:28
9240107C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST529 SYD to MEL2018-12-15T07:00:55
9239437C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST769 ADL to SYD2018-12-14T22:59:56
9236077C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST768 SYD to ADL2018-12-14T18:16:41
9234167C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST825 BNE to SYD2018-12-14T16:10:19
9231717C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST816 SYD to BNE2018-12-14T12:26:55
9230267C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST405 OOL to SYD2018-12-14T10:55:25
9227907C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST402 SYD to OOL2018-12-14T07:44:36
9226037C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST518 MEL to SYD2018-12-13T22:27:45
9223607C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST519 SYD to MEL2018-12-13T18:41:08
9220777C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST411 OOL to SYD2018-12-13T15:18:22
9218917C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST408 SYD to OOL2018-12-13T12:35:30
9218247C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST506 MEL to SYD2018-12-13T11:24:34
9214627C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST503 SYD to MEL2018-12-13T07:37:50
9210697C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST661 AYQ to SYD2018-12-12T18:53:56
9203487C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST660 SYD to AYQ2018-12-12T11:02:27
9202477C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST504 MEL to SYD2018-12-12T09:58:24
9199217C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST501 SYD to MEL2018-12-12T06:17:09
9198297C6C95ADS-BVH-VQF Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST518 MEL to SYD2018-12-11T21:48:27