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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
9427407C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA663 SYD to WGA2018-12-29T10:23:16
9426777C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA662 WGA to SYD2018-12-29T09:28:23
9418297C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA673 SYD to WGA2018-12-28T15:41:17
9415087C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA718 MIM to SYD2018-12-28T12:18:32
9411937C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA717 SYD to MIM2018-12-28T09:21:22
9410717C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA114 MIM to SYD2018-12-28T08:12:04
9406387C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA139 SYD to MIM2018-12-27T19:12:15
9405447C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA134 MYA to SYD2018-12-27T17:38:05
9402807C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA133 SYD to MYA2018-12-27T15:06:34
9366447C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA965 UNKNOWN2018-12-24T14:18:10
9364367C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA964 UNKNOWN2018-12-24T12:17:01
9362847C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA116 MYA to SYD2018-12-24T10:27:29
9361117C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA115 SYD to MYA2018-12-24T08:47:05
9355817C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA134 MYA to SYD2018-12-23T17:30:04
9353297C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA133 SYD to MYA2018-12-23T15:14:47
9323877C80F6MLATVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA467 SYD to GFF2018-12-21T11:50:45
9322067C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA986 UNKNOWN2018-12-21T10:42:02
9314207C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA982 SYD to ARM2018-12-20T16:40:26