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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
9256057C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA174 SYD to OAG2018-12-16T12:56:47
9244527C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA116 MYA to SYD2018-12-15T12:18:57
9242577C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA115 SYD to MYA2018-12-15T10:34:29
9242037C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA454 GFF to SYD2018-12-15T09:36:18
9237447C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA477 SYD to GFF2018-12-14T20:01:03
9236637C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA983 ARM to SYD2018-12-14T19:15:11
9235167C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA982 SYD to ARM2018-12-14T17:18:00
9231777C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA955 ARM to SYD2018-12-14T12:41:37
9229447C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA954 SYD to ARM2018-12-14T09:58:57
9228457C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA953 ARM to SYD2018-12-14T08:38:23
9224607C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA984 SYD to ARM2018-12-13T21:19:16
9223797C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA472 GFF to SYD2018-12-13T18:38:32
9220557C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA469 SYD to GFF2018-12-13T14:39:35
9218067C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA317 LSY to SYD2018-12-13T11:46:25
9214587C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA316 SYD to LSY2018-12-13T07:50:58
9211697C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA869 BHQ to SYD2018-12-12T20:11:39
9205327C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA936 SYD to BHQ2018-12-12T12:59:53
9203037C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA165 OAG to SYD2018-12-12T11:01:58
9200587C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA164 SYD to OAG2018-12-12T07:59:08
9199757C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA353 TRO to SYD2018-12-12T07:19:03
9196547C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA382 SYD to TRO2018-12-11T19:02:45
9195397C80F6ADS-BVH-ZRC SAAB 340 B (SF34)Regional ExpressRXA134 MYA to SYD2018-12-11T17:42:45