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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
10135177C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST769 ADL to SYD2019-02-16T21:57:26
10133497C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST768 SYD to ADL2019-02-16T17:53:01
10131967C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST787 MCY to SYD2019-02-16T16:15:02
10129627C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST786 SYD to MCY2019-02-16T13:10:08
10128637C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST746 LST to SYD2019-02-16T11:58:49
10123897C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST745 SYD to LST2019-02-16T08:15:13
10122977C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST989 PER to SYD2019-02-16T06:15:59
10121447C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST988 SYD to PER2019-02-15T20:22:17
10120037C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST608 AVV to SYD2019-02-15T18:53:14
10116737C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST607 SYD to AVV2019-02-15T16:00:31
10115037C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST512 MEL to SYD2019-02-15T14:12:28
10111627C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST509 SYD to MEL2019-02-15T11:23:21
10110487C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST718 HBA to SYD2019-02-15T10:10:56
10106637C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST719 SYD to HBA2019-02-15T06:44:52
10106027C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST750 LST to SYD2019-02-14T23:03:19
10100357C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST749 SYD to LST2019-02-14T16:19:33
10094237C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST457 BNK to SYD2019-02-14T10:32:17
10091707C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST456 SYD to BNK2019-02-14T07:59:59
10090367C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST671 DRW to SYD2019-02-14T06:11:35
10088847C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST672 SYD to DRW2019-02-13T21:07:29
10087337C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST526 MEL to SYD2019-02-13T18:56:02
10083717C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST533 UNKNOWN2019-02-13T15:37:43
10081327C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST459 BNK to SYD2019-02-13T13:29:07
10078687C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST458 SYD to BNK2019-02-13T10:51:21
10077087C6B13ADS-BVH-VFP Airbus A320 232SL (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST403 OOL to SYD2019-02-13T09:50:32