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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
10189947C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST495 OOL to NTL2019-02-20T18:47:09
10178557C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST428 SYD to OOL2019-02-19T22:11:16
10177927C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST425 OOL to SYD2019-02-19T20:56:34
10175967C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST416 SYD to OOL2019-02-19T18:13:55
10174847C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST415 OOL to SYD2019-02-19T17:03:19
10172887C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST412 SYD to OOL2019-02-19T14:00:25
10171457C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST409 OOL to SYD2019-02-19T12:43:26
10168767C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST406 SYD to OOL2019-02-19T09:55:50
10165047C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST750 LST to SYD2019-02-18T22:55:09
10159427C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST749 SYD to LST2019-02-18T15:59:11
10156677C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST459 BNK to SYD2019-02-18T13:10:27
10153937C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST458 SYD to BNK2019-02-18T10:27:42
10152407C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST403 OOL to SYD2019-02-18T09:20:49
10149877C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST400 SYD to OOL2019-02-18T06:40:58
10149037C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST823 BNE to SYD2019-02-17T22:53:28
10147157C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST820 SYD to BNE2019-02-17T19:30:41
10145747C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST461 BNK to SYD2019-02-17T18:13:29
10143417C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST460 SYD to BNK2019-02-17T15:36:40
10142267C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST512 MEL to SYD2019-02-17T14:00:31
10139207C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST509 SYD to MEL2019-02-17T11:10:19
10138147C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST718 HBA to SYD2019-02-17T09:58:58
10135677C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST719 SYD to HBA2019-02-17T06:42:14
10134937C6B35ADS-BVH-VGN Airbus A320 232 (A320)Jetstar AirwaysJST522 MEL to SYD2019-02-16T21:10:39