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Flight IDMode S CodeRegistration AircraftAirline/OperatorCallsign RouteLast Seen
10134977C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST427 OOL to SYD2019-02-16T21:49:30
10134037C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST424 SYD to OOL2019-02-16T19:10:07
10133357C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST516 MEL to SYD2019-02-16T17:31:40
10130737C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST517 SYD to MEL2019-02-16T14:25:27
10127837C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST504 MEL to SYD2019-02-16T11:42:36
10124197C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST501 SYD to MEL2019-02-16T08:12:51
10123047C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST671 DRW to SYD2019-02-16T06:17:08
10121857C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST672 SYD to DRW2019-02-15T21:31:26
10121107C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST530 MEL to SYD2019-02-15T19:49:35
10117267C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST531 SYD to MEL2019-02-15T16:28:22
10115787C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST720 HBA to SYD2019-02-15T14:59:31
10111287C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST721 SYD to HBA2019-02-15T11:29:59
10109437C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST813 BNE to SYD2019-02-15T09:50:42
10106617C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST810 SYD to BNE2019-02-15T06:40:21
10105407C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST427 OOL to SYD2019-02-14T22:05:52
10103407C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST424 SYD to OOL2019-02-14T19:22:40
10102227C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST516 MEL to SYD2019-02-14T17:45:50
10098857C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST517 SYD to MEL2019-02-14T14:25:56
10097417C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST957 CNS to SYD2019-02-14T13:09:23
10049537C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST513 SYD to MEL2019-02-11T13:30:59
10048297C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST510 MEL to SYD2019-02-11T12:07:41
10042247C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST500 MEL to SYD2019-02-11T07:52:01
10039547C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST441 OOL to MEL2019-02-10T20:49:00
10037747C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST442 MEL to OOL2019-02-10T18:29:52
10029667C6D80ADS-BVH-VWY Airbus A321 231 (A321)Jetstar AirwaysJST435 OOL to MEL2019-02-10T10:44:51